Invisi-Gard Entry and Window Screen

Brief: The client chose Hammer Aluminium to install Invisi-Gard products at two points in their entry way. The first task was to enclose a porch to create a secure air-lock zone before the front door entry. The second task was to cover the front window with an Invisi-Gard security window screen.

Action: We created a frame within the existing external entry way with aluminium beams and posts. Inserted Invisi-Gard window grills to the side lights with a Hinged Invisi-Gard Security door. The door features include a Lockwood 3 point Lock, stainless steel hinges and door closer.
Over the front window we installed a Invisi-Gard window grill to cover the whole of the existing window.

Benefits: The installations have created total security for both the window and entry. The client can now comfortably open the front door with a safe and secure zone between them and any unwanted guests outside.